Roach Control Products
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• 25 special Irresistible Lures
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• All Natural, No pesticides
code# RTRP, 2 large traps
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BORIC ACID POWDER #HRP-16 (puffer bottle w/applicator, 16 oz.). Special Harris lure in a 99% boric acid formula. An 8-inch applicator tub to “puff” the roach killer into hard-to-reach areas. Kills roaches, palmetto bugs, waterbugs & silverfish.
HARRIS FAMOUS ROACH TABLETS #HRT-6 (6 oz box). Special lure tablets irresistible to roaches. Place the tablets in areas roaches like to travel: along baseboards, behind cabinets & under appliances. One box of tablets can treat an entire house.
ROACH KILLER #HRS-8 (RTU 8 oz.), #HRS-32 (RTU trigger 32 oz.) and #HRS-128 (RTU trigger gal.). Water-based, odorless formula kills roaches after spray dries thoroughly. Keeps killing German cockroaches for up to one year.
ROACH & ANT KILLER #RA-16. Convenient 16 oz. aerosol keeps on killing German Cockroaches for up to 10 months!.