What people are saying about Harris Famous Roach Tablets . . . . .


"Occasionally I run across a product that performs beyond my expectations, and that, of course, is something worth commenting about and your roach tablets are a prime example.”
JW – Georgia

“We’re far from keeping an immaculate household here but we rarely see the dreaded cucaracha and I attribute that to your tablets. I’ve lived in some places where the pest control company would apply some sometimes smelly poisons every month, yet the problem was not under control. The technicians would state that they constantly needed to vary and switch their products because the bugs were developing a resistance to it. It does not appear to be this way with your product.”
AD –Florida

“A couple of years ago I had an invasion of roaches that were eradicated thanks to a friend who recommended Harris Famous Roach Tablets.”
MA - Maryland

“I’m with the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, and have just moved into an apartment with loads of Chinese cockroaches. Someone left behind a package of your Famous Roach Tablets, and believe it or not, they seem to be the only thing that is working in the battle to wrest control of my apartment back.”
KMG – California

“For the last six months I’ve been using Harris Famous Roach Tablets. They are fantastic!”
CDM – Florida

“I have used Harris Famous Roach Tablets for over 30 years and I’m convinced they are the best on the market for keeping things insect free."
EH - California

“I believe they are the best roach deterrent I have ever found. Sprays are temporary and the roach “houses” are a waste of money.  I’m a big fan of your tablets.”
DS - California

“My house was full of roaches and ants but one day I found this wonderful product called Harris Famous Roach Tablets. Thank god for this product because my house in now free of roaches, ants and other creepy crawling creatures.”
IA – Florida

“I was born in South Florida and have use your great product for over 50 years. It is truly the product that works the best to get rid of roaches. I did see roaches once in awhile.. but only dead ones.
DS – Florida

“They  are very effective in killing roaches- the best I have found.”
MO – Illinois

“I have used your “Harris Famous Roach Tablets” for over fifty years, and they have kept my home roach-free.”
OBG –Georgia

“As far as we can tell, they are just about the best on the market.”
WK – Illinois

“I have used them for years and they are the only thing that I find that really works on roaches and other insects that get into the house.”
EL – Indiana

 “We have been using these tablets for 23 years. They are really good, not only on roaches but for water bugs. Anybody who tells me they have roaches, I tell them about these tablets.”
PM – N.Carolina

“I have used your product for years and is the most effective yet.  Even in Guam, Singapore and Hawaii… Thanks for the good work!”
JG – California

 “I have found your roach tablets to be very effective in eradicating the pests in my home. I began using them a few years ago and couldn’t believe my eyes at the results. Upon close inspection of the tablets I noticed obvious bite marks, and I guess I don’t need to tell you what happened next.”
MD – Louisiana

“Harris Roach Tablets are so easy to use, no messy oil or stinky spray. They do the job even though they are hidden.”
DPB –  Ohio

“You have a good product and I’m grateful that I am one of your customers.”
HE –Texas

“Your roach pills are the best!  For years, we have relied on them to keep our house in Indonesia roach-free.”
JW – New York