Kill bed bugs, roaches and more.

Aerosol Egg Kill

Harris Egg Kill Aerosol kills bed bugs and their eggs. It’s currently the only Harris bed bug product that is EPA approved for use on luggage and clothing items and uses a different formulation than our bed bug killer gallon and quart trigger sprays. We recommend using this product in combination with our bed bug killer trigger sprays on mattresses and box springs.

Bed Bug Killer Kit

Available in a money saving kit, Harris Bed Bug Killer Large.


  • Apply to cracks and crevices around baseboards, floorboards, bed frames, wall hangings, headboards, furniture, door and window frames, millwork and walls.
  • Apply as surface spray to carpet, mattresses, box springs, walls, bedding, floor, rugs, garments, luggage, closets, drapes and other window appointments.
  • After treatment, allow sprayed articles and surfaces to dry thoroughly before using or replacing bedding.

Where to Inspect for Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Inspection

Quick Facts

  • Water-based formula is odorless & non-staining
  • Leaves no visible residue
  • EPA approved for use on luggage and clothing
  • Residual spray that continues to kill bed bugs weeks after initial application
  • Approved for indoor use in apartments and homes
  • Not for use on humans or animals
  • Avoid using more frequently than once per day
  • EPA registered and approved for resale in all 50 states nationwide
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