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Best Flea Spray To Get Rid Of Fleas In Carpet

A flea infestation on your pets is one thing, but the fleas moving on into your house brings about a whole new world of problems and headache. You’ll find yourself relaxing on the couch enjoying a movie and suddenly get itchy from random bites. What’s worse, fleas will take the place of bed bugs and keep you up at night if they move onto your bedding! So how do you get rid of fleas in your carpet?

Get rid of fleas

Fleas in your home is something you never want to experience, but if it happens, the main part of your house you should target if you want the flea infestation eliminated is--your carpet!

Your Carpet: Home Of Hidden Fleas

Fleas are tiny, but under the right light and color, you could spot those little black or brown specks bouncing around. You may even catch a couple and squish them to death, but the thing is the adults are only a very small part of the flea problem. About 5% to be exact? The other 95 percent of the flea infestation in your home are all those flea eggs, larvae, and pupae. You need to not only kill and eliminate the adult fleas, but also address the other stages of the fleas life cycle. Where do they normally reside indoors? That’s correct; your carpet. After sucking up a good amount of blood, an adult female flea will mate and then start laying eggs immediately, usually within 48 hours. And it isn’t just a couple of fleas, in fact, a single female flea can potentially produce up to 50 eggs a day! The adult female flea pop the eggs out and often they fall into your carpet, nestled within the fibers.

Flea Life Cycle

Around half of the flea population will be these hidden eggs, with the other 45 percent being the hatch larvae and pupae. While this may make you just want to burn your carpet and start fresh, the good thing is that fleas are most vulnerable when they are in these developing phases of their life cycle.

Clear Your Carpet

Before you really get to targeting those fleas in your carpet directly, your first going to want to set the stage for battle. Start by picking up anything off of your carpet and clearing the area. Anything that has been on the carpet should be thrown in the washer and dryer on high heat, which will immediately kill the fleas that may be hiding. Concentrate your efforts on areas where your pets rest, such as under furniture, pets beds, etc. Doing theses steps will help you have a more successful flea treatment, before you treat your home for fleas.You upholstery should be vacuumed and cleaned up as well, even steam treated if you want to go the extra mile. Again the high temperatures of a steamer will neutralize any fleas on your furniture. Understand how to eliminate fleas:

Vacuum Your Carpet Thoroughly

It may seem too simple, but vacuuming the carpet can do wonders in getting rid of the flea population. Not only will adult fleas lingering on the carpet be sucked up, the vacuum will also suck up hidden flea eggs and larvae which is most important because you don’t want a new generation of fleas to grow up and continue the cycle. So Does Vacuuming get rid of fleas? No, it will not completely eliminate a flea infestation. But it does help remove some adults and eggs, as well as creating the vibration to cause eggs to hatch. Without a good flea spray, and treatment of the pets, most homeowners will continue to experience a flea issue in their home.Another helpful thing that vacuuming does is suck up flea dirt. This is the nasty blood and fecal matter mixture that fleas leave behind that looks similar to black pepper. Vacuuming this up makes your home more clean and eliminates the primary food source for flea larvae. Yup--they eat the flea dirt during this phase.Once thing that vacuums may not be able to do is suck up flea pupae which are kept very firmly in place with a sticky substance. However, the vibrations from the vacuum can stimulate flea pupae to leave their protective cocoon, making it easier for them to be sucked up via vacuuming.Vacuuming daily when you have a flea infestation and make sure to clean out your canister or toss the bag because fleas will hatch in your bag and try to find a way out.

Bring Steam Into The Mix

As mentioned earlier, fleas are unable to survive high temperatures of 95 degrees and above. Aside from vacuuming, going the extra mile with steaming your carpet is a wise decision. If you have one already, break it out. Or you could always rent one and save money.

Use a Flea Spray For Your Carpet

While everything we have mentioned so far has been chemical free means of tackling a flea infestation in your carpet, adding a professional quality flea spray for your carpet will definitely help speed up the process in clearing out fleas in your home. So what products will kill fleas in carpet fast? Flea sprays are different than regular pest control products, they are designed to address the adults of the flea and also prevent the life cycle from continuing. So before you treat your home for fleas and specifically the carpet and floor area you want to make sure the flea treatment product you have selected is labeled for use to control and eliminate fleas. Aerosol sprays are the perfect product for application because they dry quickly and do not leave a greasy residual. Checkout Our Complete Guide on How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House Our flea spray is among the best flea spray for carpets that you will find out their on the pest control market. It is also very easy to use. Simply spray the flea spray onto your carpet in a back and forth swinging motion so that your carpet is evenly coated. Our flea spray works so well because it not only is an adulticide which kills adult fleas, it also contains an IGR or Insect Growth Regulator which keeps eggs from hatching and stunts the growth of larvae, hindering their development and putting a stop to the multiplication of the flea population.

Combine and Conquer

By combining vacuuming, andour best carpet flea spray, the flea population will be wiped out. Make sure to continuously monitor the situation by checking your carpet, furniture, pet sleeping area and your own bedding for any signs of fleas.

Flea Killer Spray 32oz

Check your pet as well. If they are still overly itching themselves, there may still be fleas around so more consistent treatment will be needed. We recommend treating your home, pet and yard all at the same time for the best results.

Fleas are a stubborn pest but if you are diligent and persistent in your efforts, their population will crumble and you will finally start to see signs of relief via less itchy bites on you, your pets and your loved ones.

Prevent Fleas From Coming Back

The last thing you want after successfully removing the flea infestation from your home is to have fleas back in your home again.To discourage fleas from seeking a hiding place in your carpet, a retreatment is sometimes necessary at 14 days, spray the carpet with ourprofessional flea carpet spray – focusing on areas under the furniture, where your pet loungers around and sleeps, as well as dark areas of the home. If you have a flea problem outside or in the surrounding areas that you take your pet out to play in then you will want to think about applying a flea spray that is labelled for application to your pet. We offer an a plant based pet spray,Harris Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs and Cats.

Whenever you head outdoors with your pet, check his or her fur before bringing them indoors and immediately give them a bath as a precautionary measure if they happened to have picked up some fleas. You may want to also check your shoes, socks and pants legs for any possible adult fleas that have hopped on.You may also need to address flea issues around your yard and spray flea killers around the outside of your home to ward off fleas and keep them off of your property. We hope you have found our article on getting rid of fleas in carpet helpful, we are always here to help. Find more information on control, prevention, and some natural flea control suggestions to help keep fleas out of your home and yard. Might want to Checkout Our Ultimate Flea Control Guide Hope this information has been helpful in teaching you the necessary steps on how to kill fleas in the carpet. Flea problems can be frustrating, especially if they are in your carpet, but with these steps and the recommended flea sprays you will be successful in eliminating your flea issue. By following all of your suggestions, you won’t have a flea problem in your carpet any longer. These are the best solutions for getting rid of fleas in your carpet and home. So what are you waiting for? Orderour top of the line flea spray for your carpet and get your home flea control program started the right way! Check out our complete line of flea killers for the home and yard.