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How To Apply Diatomaceous Earth For Ants

Ants are one of the most common insects that cause problems in homes. They can be annoyingly persistent and extremely difficult to get rid of. One non-toxic, inexpensive way to get rid of them is with diatomaceous earth (DE). Diatomaceous earth for ants is a great solution to control these pests with an easy to use product. What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Get Rid of Ants Naturally

Diatomaceous earth is a powder that is comprised of the remains of a fossilized type of algae, called diatoms. DE works as a form of pest control because the microscopic pieces are razor-sharp and will cut the exoskeleton of insects. Once the outer layer of the insect has been pierced, the insect will dehydrate and die. While it is deadly to insects, to humans and other animals, diatomaceous earth just feels like a soft, fine powder.

Diatomaceous earth on a black background

Application Methods for Ant Control

So you are ready to try using diatomaceous earth to kill ants but you need to know how to spread it to specifically control ants? Here are some easy to understand instruction on how to apply diatomaceous earth for ants. But if you still have question please leave a comment below or email us directly. Remember to always follow product label instructions.
  • Start by identifying areas where you have seen ant trails or groups of ants. Follow the ants and try to figure out where they may have entered your home.
  • Apply a thin layer of diatomaceous earth along the ant trails. If you have found a large group of ants, you can spread the powder directly over them and create a perimeter around them.
  • Also spread the DE along baseboards, floors, window sills, and in cracks where you have seen the ants. In hard to reach areas, you can use a duster to get it in the right place.
  • Wait 24-48 hours. Watch the areas you have treated to see if the ants have created an alternate route and if follow-up treatment is needed.
  • If the ants have gone, clean up the diatomaceous earth and carefully wash the floor and other areas where the ants have been. This gets rid of the pheromones that will attract more ants.
  • On the outside of your home, sprinkle a light application of diatomaceous earth around the foundation of the home, going out at least 6-12 inches. Create this perimeter all along the outside of your house, paying special attention to known entry points. Reapply when needed if the DE is washed away by sprinklers, rain, etc.

Ants eating diatomaceous earth

Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Ants? Yes, diatomaceous earth will kill ants and other insects, because it is able to pierce the exoskeleton of the ant which causes dehydration. Diatomaceous earth is PA Registered & OMRI Listed – Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (No. 73739-1-3) for Use in Homes with People/Pets and Listed with the Organic Minerals Research Institute and highly effective for pest control when used properly. It will continue to be effective as long as it remains dry. Whether it is ants, bed bugs, roaches or more,PF Harris can help you with all of your pest control needs.

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