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Top 20 Most Roach Infested Cities In America

Roaches, as creepy as they are, are some of the most incredible insects on the planet. Existing for over 200 years, cockroaches come in many different shapes and sizes. The common American cockroach can withstand forces up to 900 times greater than its own bodyweight, can squeeze through an opening just 3 millimeters thin, and can last a full month without food. These facts, along with their quick reproduction abilities, are just a few of many reasons why roaches are so hard to eliminate. Cockroaches can affect anyone, although they are more prevalent in certain regions of the United States than others. It's important to have a plan in place to treat and prevent roaches should they invade your home. Roaches thrive in hot temperatures with high humidity levels, so it's no wonder that roach infestations are most common in summer months. Without further ado, here are the top 20 most roach infested cities according to the American Housing Survey.

20. Cleveland, OH
cleveland, ohio

19. Denver, CO
denver, colorado
18. Milwaukee, WI

 Milwaukee WI
17. San Francisco, CA
Golden Gate Bridge
16. Chicago, IL
15. Cincinnati, OH 

14. Kansas City, MO
kansas city
13. Philadelphia, PA 

12. Washington, DC 

11. Riverside, CA 

10. Memphis, TN
memphis, tn
9. New York, NY

8. Dallas, TX 

7. Los Angeles, CA
los angeles,ca
6. Raleigh, NC

5. Phoenix, AZ 

4. Atlanta, GA
3. Miami, FL 

2. Houston, TX
1. New Orleans, LA 

According to the American Housing Survey study, 41% of New Orleans households reported roaches in 2015, higher than any other region in the United States. Roaches exist far beyond these top 20 cities and can affect any region in the country, regardless of reputation. Do you or someone you know have roaches? Harris is America's oldest EPA registered company, with nearly 100 years of experience providing quality pest control products and helpful resources to help people eliminate pests in a cost effective manner. Harris roach products can be found here on our website or at your local hardware store.

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