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Harris Mouse Glue Traps (4-Pack)

  • Pre-Baited Glue Traps Contain Specially Formulated Lure to Attract Rodents
  • Captures Mice, Spiders, Roaches and Other Crawling Insects
  • Non Toxic and Fully Disposable
  • No Springs or Snapping Involved
  • Large Surface Area
  • Weight: .25 lbs      Dimensions:  8.5 x 5.5 x 1

Harris Mouse Glue Traps are an easy to use, non-toxic solution for control of mice. There are no springs to set and no snapped fingers. Rodents are attracted to these pre-baited traps where they are caught by a strong adhesive. Directions: Place the traps lengthwise along walls and baseboards where rodents like to travel. Place the traps in areas where there is evidence of rodent activity. If, after several days, no rodents are caught, move the traps to another location. Best results are achieved using more than one trap at a time. Discard rodents and traps. Do not use the traps in wet areas. In case of accidental contact with the adhesive, use baby oil or cooking oil for cleanup. Do not place traps where they may come into contact with birds and non-target animals.

Our mouse glue traps contain a can be used with any type of food lure that mice cannot resist. The bait you place on the glue boards will attract the mice and they then get stuck on the glue trap. The mouse and trap can then be disposed.
  • Non-toxic and safe to use in your home, office, storage area and garage.
  • Contain a large surface area and highly adhesive glue that makes it very difficult for the mice to get unstuck from.
  • Perfect to use in hard to reach places, such as under refrigerators, stoves, anywhere you are seeing mice activity.
  • Works to capture other insects.
  • Listed as one of the Top 6 Best Mouse Traps in 2018.

How long does it take for a mouse to die on a glue trap?

It will depend on the temperature, but mice will usually not survive in colder temperatures if they are not able to run around constantly to keep their body temperatures up. If you are trying to use the glue boards in a humane way, and release the mouse after trapping with vegetable oil, then you will need to check the trap rather quickly, usually the next morning. If the mouse is left more than 24 hours, they will usually die on the glue board.

Are mice smart enough to avoid traps?

Because they follow the same path to and from their hiding and nesting locations, traps usually work very well. Mice in fact are very curious and will approach and check out the glue traps that are in their path.

Are Glue traps effective for mice?

Yes, they are very effective to trap and eliminate a mouse in your home. These techniques are the same solutions used by pest professionals. More glue traps will help you be more effective in your trappings. We usually recommend you also use snaps in combination with glue traps if the population is high. Our Glue traps are ready to use, and only require placement. You will want to place the traps along active rodent runs, such as along a wall or baseboard. For mice, if you are seeing droppings in a particular area you should use a Harris Mouse Glue Board there for best results. Leave the trap in the location for at least 2 days before you move the glue board. Avoid areas that will be exposed to heavy amounts of dust and debris, as this will diminish the sticky factor of the glue traps.

How do you get rid of mice in your house?

To prevent mice from entering your home you will want to eliminate the entry points, and use some form of trap, or bait to eliminate the ones that are already inside the home. Mice typically live, feed, and nest inside a structure, unlike a rat. So once they are inside they will stay inside. Please checkout our Ultimate Rodent Guide for recommendations on prevention and elimination.