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Harris Egg Kill & Resistant Bed Bug Killer (16oz)

  • Kills Resistant Bed Bugs & Their Eggs - Kills even the toughest "pyrethroid resistant" bed bugs and eggs that have built up a resistance to traditional pesticides
  • Kills Quickly - Knocks down bed bugs fast when sprayed directly
  • EPA Registered - Approved for use in homes with people and pets by the Environmental Protection Agency. Always follow label directions
  • Long Residual - Continues to kill bed bugs for up to 16 weeks after initial application
  • Variety of Surface Applications - Can be used on mattresses, luggage, furniture, headboards, carpet and much more
  • Weight: N/A      Dimensions:  N/A

Harris Pyrethroid Resistant Bed Bug Killer Aerosol is an effective surface and crack/crevice bed bug killer. Throughout the United States, pockets of pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs exist that are resistant to traditional chemicals used in other products. Harris Black Label kills bed bugs of all types (and their eggs) quickly and provides lasting protection for 16 weeks. This product is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for use in homes with people and pets. The spray is great to use in combination with a bed bug fogger, bed bug traps, bed bug interceptors, powder, bombs and mattress encasement covers to eliminate these bugs from your home.


  • Kills the Toughest Pyrethroid Resistant Bed Bugs
  • Residual Control Kills Bed Bugs for Up to 16 Weeks
  • Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Odorless and Non Staining Formula Kills on Contact and Leaves No Visible Residue
  • Approved for Use in Homes and Apartments- Just Follow Label Directions
Harris Pyrethroid-Resistant Bed Bug Aerosol Spray is the most effective at killing bed bugs of all types and their eggs. There are small pockets of pyrethroid resistant strains of bed bugs in located in some cities in the US. For those strains, tough pyrethroid resistant insecticides are needed to effectively eliminate the bed bug colony. We recommend using this product in combination with our bed bug aerosol and diatomaceous earth powder.

Harris Bed Bug Guide

How to Use:

Application Directions

  • Hold the can upright with the spray nozzle facing away from you.¬†
  • Try to keep the nozzle approximately 10 inches away from the surface you are trying to treat.
  • Spray the product until the surface is slightly damp, but you do not want to spray so much that the product begins to drip or run off.
  • Where possible, spray the bed bugs directly. Surfaces to spot treat may include: bed frames, headboards, floors, carpeting, baseboards, moldings, walls, luggage, closets, wall and window treatments, mattress tufts and seams, and furniture folds and seams. Do not apply to bed linens or other surfaces where prolonged contact will occur.¬†
  • After applying the product, leave the room and do not return until all surfaces are thoroughly dry. Do not allow pets or children to enter the room until it has been well ventilated.¬†

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