Harris Deer Repellent, Long Lasting Ready to Use Plant Safe Formula, 128oz

  • Long Lasting - Creates an invisible barrier that continues to repel deer for up to several weeks

  • Easy to Apply - Ready to use formula can be applied right away with no mixing required

  • For Use on Plants - Use on ornamentals, flowers and most edible vegetables without worry of the formula doing any harm

  • Double Duty - Repels deer by taste and odor to keep them out for good

  • Rain Resistant Formula - Continues to work even after rain however reapplication is recommended after long periods of heavy rain

Angry Deer repellent is a ready to use spray that repels deer, moose and elk. Use on ornamentals, flowers and most edible vegetables. Biodegradable formula creates an invisible barrier that repels by taste and odor all year round. Follow label instructions for application based on time of year. Formula is rain resistant, long lasting and easy to apply.