Harris Catch & Release Humane Trap for small squirrels, rat & chipmunks (9.5" x 4.5" x 4.5")

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  • Medium Sized Dimensions - L: 9.25" x W: 4.3" x H: 4.5". Great for safely catching chipmunks, rats, mice, and small squirrels
  • Easy to Bait and Set - Simply raise the door and attach the lever to the trigger bar to set
  • Reusable - After an animal or rodent is caught, the trap can be re-baited and used over and over again
  • Extra Thick Wiring - The trap is made of thick and durable metal to prevent animals from chewing or clawing their way out
  • Rust and Corrosion Proof - The metal is coated to prevent rust and corrosion, making the trap ideal for outdoor use
  • Weight: .75 lbs      Dimensions:  10 x 4.5 x 4.5

The Harris Catch & Release Humane Trap is designed for Small Squirrels, Rats & Chipmunks. The reusable humane trap won't harm animals and is made with thick steel to ensure that animals will remain trapped until you release them. Keep these critters out of your home/attic in the most humane way possible!

How to Use Your Trap:
  1. Bait: Simply raise the door and attach the lever to the trigger bar to set. Place the bait on the hanging bar. When the animal enters the trap to eat the bait, the trigger bar will trigger the door to shut.
  2. Catch: When the rodent enters the trap, the spring door will close shut. The trap is made of extra thick steel wiring that will allow the animal to breathe while it waits for release.
  3. Release: Lift the bar and open the door of the trap to release the rodent. Release outdoors at least 100 feet from the trapped area. The trap can be reused to capture additional animals if needed.

Humane Animal Trap

How to Trap a Squirrel

Although squirrels might seem cute, they can do tons of damage if they make their way inside a property. These unwanted guests can easily take up residency in your attics and crawl spaces. Here are some easy ways to remove a squirrel humanely with our live trap.

We will teach you how to trap a squirrel.

The Harris Humane Trap is the perfect size to trap squirrels, small enough to not be too hard to locate or handle, yet large enough that most any size squirrel will fit. The wire mesh allows you to see through the trap and identify if you have caught a squirrel.  

How to Determine Trap Placement:

You will want to place the trap on as much of a flat surface as possible, and directly in the squirrels path. This could be along a wall in the attic or crawlspace, any spot on your roof that is accessible from a tree or powerline. Unlike rats, you do not need to place the traps in areas that allow them harborage or cover such as brush and shrubs. Squirrels are comfortable in the open areas, so place at the base of trees, or along fence lines or base of a tree. You will want to place the bait in the far middle of the trap on the bait hook, as to allow them to enter the Harris Humane Trap completely, but not gain access to the bait from the sides. Unshelled peanuts and peanut butter work well to lure the squirrels into the traps. You will want to check the trap often, so that the squirrel is not trapped longer than necessary. One you have trapped the squirrel you will want to wear gloves and hold the trap by the handle to relocate them at least 10 miles away. Our tight mesh cages make it close to impossible for the squirrels to scratch or bite, but care should always be used with dealing with wild animals. Clean the trap with a disinfectant to prevent the spread of any disease.  

How to Prevent Squirrels and Keep them Out

Try to reduce as much food source for them as possible, items like bird feed, berries, nuts, fruit and garbage. Keep tree branches trimmed away from your house at least 10 feet. Think about installing a chimney cap if necessary. Repair any cracks and holes in your homes exterior to prevent entry.