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The house cricket cricket has a pale brown body, long antennae, and short wings. They develop gradually during the summer and the adults are present in fall. They live in houses, but there may only be a few of them.

These crickets can live outdoors around the perimeter of houses and large buildings. The

adults will fly toward lights at night. The immatures can be brought into houses with articles from outdoors or from other infested houses in boxes or household items.

Infestations are usually small, but the nightly chirping of a male in a dark corner can serve as an annoying reminder that crickets are present in your home. They usually remain hidden and are most active at night. Their pale color makes them difficult to see on light color carpets.

[accordion clicktoclose=true][accordion-item title="How to Eliminate Crickets"]Infestations can be eliminated by using a combination of sticky traps and a liquid insecticide spray. Place the traps along baseboards close to doors that open to the outside, behind and under furniture, and in dark corners. The area around potted plants is favorable for the crickets because of the humidity so place sticky traps next to the plants. An liquid spray can be used to kill adults and nymphs. Just spray in areas where you have spotted them.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title="How to Prevent Crickets"]Preventing house crickets from coming indoors is difficult; the immatures may be able to crawl under and around doors without being noticed. Vacuuming along baseboards can help to remove the early stages and limit infestations. Sticky traps near doors that open to the outside will trap some the adult crickets as they enter.[/accordion-item][/accordion]