Harris Flea and Insect Night Light Trap Refill Glue Boards (4/Pack)

1.) Before peeling off backing to reveal the glue, fold the tabs along the dotted lines, folding away from you. The tabs should now be at a 90 degree angle to the card.

2.) Flip the card over and peel away the protective backing, starting at the bottom edge.

3.) Holding the card carefully by its edges, insert the folded tabs into the slots near the top of the trap. Press the card inward to make contact with the trap.

4.) Rotate the plug so it faces outwards. Plug the trap into the bottom input of a wall outlet.

Enclosed is the Harris Night Light Flea & Insect Trap and one glue board. The glue board can be replaced with a new refill as needed. Fleas and many crawling and flying insects are attracted to the light and warmth. The light sensor of the trap turns the bulb on automatically when the room is dark. Insects drawn to the light are trapped on the sticky glue board.