Harris Nite Light Flea & Insect Trap Plug-In

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  • Plug-in automatically turns on when it detects darkness.
  • Nite Light attracts fleas—they then get stuck on a glue board.
  • Glue board is replaceable so you can keep the fight going.
  • Replace the glue board after 1 month or when full.
  • Lays flat against the wall for an easy, discreet way to battle flea infestations.

 Fight fleas while you sleep with the pesticide-free Harris Plug-In Nite Light Flea & Insect Trap. Complete with a sensor that automatically detects when it’s dark, this plug-in light emits a slight warmth that attracts fleas. Once the fleas reach the light, they get stuck on a glue board. Once the glue board is filled, you can replace it with a new one for ongoing use. This trap is great when combined with other flea treatments and is an almost completely effortless way to fight infestation.