Harris Premium Encasement Cover (Twin)

  • Protects Against Bed Bugs, Dust Mites & More
  • Waterproof - Protects Against Spills and Fluids
  • Soft and Breathable Surface Prevents Heat Buildup
  • Multi-Angle Zipper with Velcro Seals Tight and Stays Closed to Keep Bed Bugs Out
  • 39" x 75" and Sides Expand Up to 14"
  • Weight: N/A      Dimensions:  N/A

Protective Mattress Encasement Cover, Twin (1 Cover). The mattress encasement is great to use to keep your mattress protected. Use in combination with a bed bug fogger, bed bug traps, bed bug interceptors, bed bug killer spray, bed bug bombs and bed bug powder to eliminate these bugs from your home. 

If you don't currently have bed bugs but live in an area where bed bugs are rampant or have neighbors who have experienced problems with bed bugs, Harris Mattress Encasement Covers are an excellent way to prevent future bed bug infestations on your mattress and box spring, where the tiny blood-sucking parasites tend to gather. The cover prevents bed bugs from exiting or entering and features a soft breathable surface to limit heat buildup.
  • Sold in four sizes: twin, full, queen, and king
  • Prevents bed bugs from entering and escaping
  • Soft & breathable
  • Combination of cotton and polyester materials
  • 360º degree secure zipper


  1. Stand mattress on bottom end and pull unzipped cover over from top to bottom
  2. Return mattress to flat position on bed
  3. Zip mattress cover along bottom and put linens on mattress