Harris Spider Repellent Spray, for Indoor and Outdoor Use (20oz)

  • Plant Based Active Ingredients - Repels spiders using plant based peppermint and cinnamon essential oils that have been proven to work
  • Long Lasting - Works quickly and offers long lasting protection against spiders invading your home
  • Safe - The formula can be used throughout a variety of different areas of your home and is safe for use around children and pets
  • Pleasant Scent - Although the formula is potent to spiders, the natural oils give off a pleasant fragrance to humans
  • A Smart Alternative - Save yourself the clean up and hassle of traditional traps and chemicals

Harris Spider Repellent Spray uses natural cinnamon and peppermint plant oils to repel spiders in indoor and outdoor settings. The 20oz spray deterrent is long lasting, safe and has a pleasant scent to humans that spiders can't stand. Simply spray our spider control solution in the affected areas around your house/home in place of a traditional spider killer or spider traps. This will help deter spiders from entering your garage, kitchen, bathroom, or even vehicle or RV. For the very best results repeat according to label directions. Take back control of your home and keep the spiders away!