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Kudzu Bugs

This is a rounded, greenish brown bug that has a small head and short legs. It has an irregular color pattern, and sometimes it is entirely green. There can be large numbers of them on the siding of houses in fall. They tend to be located in southern states, from Florida to Virginia and west to Louisiana.

The kudzu bug feeds primarily on the leaves of kudzu vines, on soybean plants, and also on ornamental wisteria that grows around houses. Extensive growth of kudzu and soybean fields nearby may be the origin of the bugs that gather on the sides of houses in fall. These insects spend winter as adults in protected places, and some of those places include under siding and inside houses.

Kudzu bugs gather in large numbers on the sides of houses in fall as they look for a place to spend the winter. They fly to the sunny (warm) side in the afternoon, and some of them will crawl into narrow openings and try to come indoors. They do not live or breed indoors and many of them will die due to excessive dryness inside the house.

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