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The Indian meal moth (pantry moth) is a common household pest. It is a small moth that has a distinct color pattern- the front half is grey and the back half is brown. They are often seen resting on walls near infested cabinets.

Infestations start with eggs or caterpillars that are in material brought into the house. Flour, noodles, dry pet food, and birdseed are the most commonly infested material. The infestation can be spread by the moths laying eggs in other stored food products. The caterpillars usually remain in the infested food.

Seeing the moths on walls or in the kitchen cabinets, or seeing the caterpillars crawling on cabinets or walls are the usual signs of an infestation. Infested pet food and birdseed can be covered with webbing made by the caterpillars. The moths usually fly in the evening and will remain close to the infested material.

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