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Harris Neem Oil Spray for Plants, Cold Pressed Ready to Use, 32oz

  • Ready to Use - Simply shake and spray directly on your plants both indoors and outdoors
  • Cold Pressed Neem Oil - The only RTU on the market formulated using cold pressed neem oil
  • Sustainable & Eco Friendly - Comes with a variety of uses to keep your plants looking healthy
  • Shines Foliage - Shines plant leaves and leaves a luster to your foliage all year long
  • High Concentration - Uses 2% concentration of neem oil with an eco friendly emulsifier

Harris Neem Oil Spray is made with cold pressed neem oil harvested from the seeds of the neem tree. It's formulated to clean and shine your plant leaves and leave a luster to your foliage all year long. Holds water and keeps soil aerated. Won't clog leaf pores. To use, simply shake well and spray according to label directions.