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Bed Bugs Vs Scabies

Are you experiencing skin itches or bites? These skin conditions are embarrassing, thus being difficult to treat them since their cause identification isn't known. If you are getting these itchy spots, it is vital to figure out the cause and manage them. Both bed bugs and scabies are parasites that feed on human hosts. Their symptoms can be easily confused. Although not being the same, the two require different treatments. Here is a comprehensive study of infestation, both scabies, and bedbugs. What are scabies and Bed Bugs? Scabiesis a skin infestation of a mite type known as Sarcoptes scabiei in the sub-class of Acari, class of Arachnida. Scabies is tiny, invisible, and eight-legged parasites in the same category with spiders and ticks. They burrow under the skin laying eggs as well as crawling along the surface, causing intense itching. After the eggs hatch, the larvae that emerge burrows back into the skin resulting in more irritation. Scabies burrows appear to be greyish-white with raised lines, and later they turn red, inflamed bumps like capsules and can rot. Bed bugs are small, red-brown, flat, and wingless insects. They feed solely on human blood and other warm-blooded animals. Bugs have sucking mouth-part 'straw' like that they use to feed. Bed Bugs hide within crevices forming nests in cracks, bed frames, mattresses, and furniture seams. Bedbugs are of apple size belonging to the genus Cimex, Cimicidae, classification of Insects. Therefore bugs and scabies are of different species of parasites. Neither bed bugs or scabies transmits any infection or illness. They both feed on one person at a time, whereby the infestation is transferable from one host to another. However, scabies is the name of the condition caused by a mite, while bed bugs are a specific insect. The Infestation of Bed Bugs vs. Scabies Even though scabies is not an infection, it seems to be alike. However, it is an infestation caused by tiny human itch mites. Scabies has different evolutionary origin to bed bugs. Scabies is a little insect with jointed legs shorter than but similar to a spider. Scabies mostly spread through close physical contact for a long time to somebody or items infested by mites. Also, scabies gets transmitted through sharing clothes, towels, bedding with an infected person. The scabies mites live on fabrics for long before being passed on. Contrarily to scabies, bedbug infestation to homes is a result of hitch ride of one female bedbug either through clothes or belongings. The spread starts after the eggs she lays hatch. After multiplying, the bugs will live as a group in their nesting sites. Unlike scabies, bed bugs spread from place to place through hitch travel. According to Clinical Evidence journal, scabies is exceptionally contagious, spreading quickly in facilities like hospitals and care home. Scabies infestation in developing countries is at a rate of 50% or higher. On the other hand, although bed bugs are contagious, they don't spread through physical contact; however, the outbreak spreads when the female bug finds a safe and new home. Bedbug Verses Scabies Bites Bedbugs bites appear as raised, flat red welts, and three in a row. Scabies burrows are greyish-white, raised lines which eventually turn red, inflamed bumps known as capsules capable of rotting. At their onset, scabies infestation the bites look similar to bed bug bites. Without treatment of scabies, yellow crusting, scaling, and skin lesions develop large patches in your body because the infestation in your skin is growing. Failure to treat bedbugs, new bites will still appear as the infestation grows. Mites scabies lays two to three eggs every day in your body contrarily to bugs, which lays two to five eggs daily. Bug bites mostly appear around the shoulder, arms, legs, back, and face. Scabies prefers digging into warm, moist folds of the skin. Scabies burrows between the fingers, toes, in the armpits, under nails, around the waist, as well as other sensitive body parts. As a result of intense itching that occurs during the night, scabies bites cause open sore and other infections. However, bed bugs appear at night, though not as fierce like those of scabies. Both bites appear as clusters, although differently. Scabies bites look like small pink dots mottled against the skin in cluster form. Scabies clusters are closer than those of bedbugs since those of bugs spread apart. Lets Compare: Scabies Symptoms Scabies has intense itching, which appears as a red rash on the surface of the skin. When keenly examined, scabies looks like tiny red bumps or bites. These small burrows on the skin are visible when studied under extreme close up. Scabies itching or bites appear as lines or S-shaped on the wrists, joints area, finger webs, back, among other parts. Scabies symptoms are visible after two to six weeks after the infestation onset. Bed Bugs Symptoms

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Presence of red and swollen itchy bite on your body, which is characterized by a burning sensation. The appearance of a line or cluster of multiple bites on your body or red insects with a dark spot on the middle on cracks, bedposts, and bedding indicate bed bugs infestation. Bedbugs have an allergic skin reaction that includes severe itching, blisters, or hives on face, neck, arms, and hands. Uncomfortable nights full of itches. Scabies Mites vs. Bed Bugs Movement It is a common question to many people whether the bed bugs and scabies crawl or jump? Thousands of years ago, bed bugs used to have wings, but evolution got rid of them. Therefore the evolved bed bugs species have jointed legs like other similar insects. Bed Bugs move on a slow-motion unless when disturbed, they scuttle a bit fast. Bugs can't either jump or fly. Thus allowing them to be thinner, aiding them to get into tight gaps. On the other hand, scabies moves from place to place through crawling on the surface of objects slowly than bed bugs. Contrarily to bugs, they spend most of their time burrowed on the top layer of hosts' skin. Thus neither bed bugs or scabies can jump or fly; they slowly crawl. In conclusion, when infested it is advisable, you try to get their remedy. Unlike bedbugs, there are no home remedies for scabies; however, a doctor can prescribe a skin cream that will clear scabies after few days. It is wise not to share clothes and bedding since they offer a hitching journey of pests to your home. Ready to Get Rid of Bed Bugs? Check Out of Bed Bug Kit