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Bring in the Birds and Get Rid of Pests

Got some pest problems plaguing your yard? One of the best long-term solutions available comes from the sky. Birds are natural predators of all sorts of bugs and even rodents. They’ll take care of pests in a way nothing else can. 

If your property is in need of some feathered friends, there are a couple of things you can do to invite them over. Try out some of these solutions for bringing in some natural pest control:

Plant Some Trees

If you don’t have any trees on your property, that will be the first place to start. Trees make good homes and resting places for birds of many species. You can’t expect to see many of them without at least one tree in the yard.

Trees take a long time to grow, so the sooner you plant one the better. Look at getting an older sapling that won’t take too long to get to a good size. It will take a bit more work to plant, but you’ll be able to bring in the birds a lot sooner. 

Build a Birdhouse

A well-placed birdhouse will bring back birds to your home again and again. You can place a birdhouse on a tree, a fence post, or even the side of your house. The structure will give mother birds a safe place to lay their eggs in the Spring.

The best part is that bird eggs mean hungry baby birds will be right in your yard. Mothers will need to gather a lot of food for them, so that’s all the more incentive to snatch up some pests from around your property. 

Set Up a Birdfeeder

Another way to attract birds to your home is with a birdfeeder. Hungry foragers will be able to grab a few seeds or nuts during their daily travels. You can see all sorts of bird varieties munching on your birdfeeder throughout the year.

You might be concerned that feeding the local birds means that they’re too full to hunt down pests. On the contrary, few birds will take the time to fill up in one sitting, especially with numerous birds darting in and out. A birdfeeder will increase bird traffic on your property which will draw many of them toward pests to eat.

Put Up a Birdbath

Last but certainly not least is a birdbath. It works in the same way as a birdfeeder, except it provides water instead of food. On a hot summer day, this is the perfect place for busy birds to cool off before going on the prowl for pests in the nearby area. 

Birdbaths are easy to set up and use. Just refill the water every once in a while and watch the birds fly in. Birdbaths are also attractive yard pieces that can really add to your property’s appearance. 

Unfortunately, birds won’t be able to eat up every single pest in sight. For extra protection, use somePF Harris Pest Control spray to further keep pests under control. Even using it exclusively indoors will keep pests outside where the birds can get them.