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How To Use Harris Asian Lady Beetle And Box Elder Bug Killer

lady beetle killer

Our Harris ready to use formula will

kill lady beetles and box elder bugs, as well as flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. It is EPA registered for both indoor and outdoor use and is odorless and long lasting.

Application Directions

  • Remove the lid and install the trigger sprayer.
  • Twist the spray nozzle to the “on” position.
  • Hold the container upright and squeeze the trigger to spray.
  • Keep the spray nozzle approximately 12 inches away from the surfaces you are treating.
  • Spray until the surface is slightly moist, but not to the point where the product is running or dripping off.
  • Important surfaces to spray to get rid of asian lady beetles and box elder bugs include: around door and window frames (inside and out), window screens, storage areas, baseboards, exterior south facing walls, and other areas where these bugs like to crawl, rest, or congregate. If you want to treat screens, remove them prior to spraying, and then allow them to dry before reinstalling.
  • Allow treated surfaces to completely dry (approximately 2 hours) before pets or children return to the area.
  • The residual effects of the product will continue to kill bugs for several weeks.
  • Check south facing walls after a few weeks to see if lady beetle or box elder bug activity has resumed. The direct, intense sunlight can breakdown the product quickly, and reapplication may be necessary.
When using Harris Asian Lady Beetle and Box Elder Bug Killer, always read and follow all label directions. For more great home pest control products, check