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How To Use Harris Cricket Traps

Harris Cricket Traps are all-natural and pesticide-free. The irresistible lure will work to attract and catch crickets, spiders, roaches, and other crawling insects.


  1. After you open the box, take out one of the traps and peel off the protective paper.
  1. Assemble the cricket trap by pushing the cardboard out where there are perforations, folding along the lines, and then inserting the tab at the top to hold it together.
  1. Next, fold the flaps on the ends inward to form a 30 degree angle. This will create a tent-shaped box with open sides and a flat top.
  1. Place Harris cricket traps where you have seen crickets or evidence of them. Common problem spots for crickets include: crawl spaces, basements, garages, and kitchens. For best results, you should place the traps lengthwise along the wall. Harris cricket traps are discreet and can easily slide under furniture and appliances if needed.
  1. Regularly check the trap and dispose of it if covered or if it has been out for 90 days.
Always read and follow all label directions. If you find a lot of insects on your trap, it may mean that you have a pest problem that needs further management. You can count on PF Harris for all of yourhome pest control needs.