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Keep Pests Out of Your Garden

Gardening season is here, and with it comes many pests trying to rain on your parade. Try as you might to exercise your green thumb, pests can infiltrate your garden even despite your best efforts.

To protect your plants and keep your worries to a minimum, here are a few measures you can take to keep pests out of your garden:

1. Space Out Your Crops

Every gardener is guilty of trying to pack as many plants into one space as possible. The problem with this approach is that it’s easier for pests to move from plant to plant, ruining everything in their wake. It’s almost like you built a superhighway for hungry insects.

Clusters of plants also provide more places for insects to hide from predators. Give your plants a little room to breathe and it will be more difficult for pests to make their home in your garden. 

2. Use Fertilizer

Pests like to prey on plants in distress. Sick plants are more appetizing targets for many insects, so you want to keep your plants as healthy as possible. Along with proper weeding and watering, fertilizer will make a nice addition to the health of your garden.

Harris’Liquid Fish Fertilizer is an organic solution that’s beneficial for both indoor and outdoor plants. It contains minerals and nutrients that promote growth, but also drive away certain pests such as caterpillars and mites. You’re getting a two-for-one benefit by using this fertilizer in your garden. 

3. Attract Some Helpful Predators

Enlist the aid of nature’s best pesticide; the animals that prey on pesky insects. You won’t have to worry about garden invaders if you have more helpful animals to keep watch for you. If you don’t have any hanging out on your property now, you can take measures to invite them as welcome guests.

You can start by attracting some large predators that aren’t too picky about what they eat. Bird feeders and birdbaths will bring in some air support to snatch insects off of your vegetables. Installing a pond will invite frogs and toads that will scour the dirt for a delicious meal, taking care of any insects the birds miss.

When you discover a particular pest that’s ravaging your plants, you can look for a more specific solution. For example, ladybugs are known to be proficient aphid stoppers. Finding ways to attract them to your garden is a great way to stop an aphid infestation in its tracks. 

4. Diversify Your Garden

Many pests like to focus on a single type of plant for food. If you only plant one kind of crop, you’re more likely to attract these pests to your garden. This is called amonoculture, and it’s essentially a buffet line for hungry insects.

Planting a variety of crops and flowers will not only look beautiful, but it will also increase the overall health of your garden. Additionally, there are certain plants that drive away pests with their presence and aroma. Lavender, oregano, and parsley are some of the many plants you can include in your garden to act as a barrier against unwanted pests. 

Check out PF Harris for your other pest control needs. A life without pests is the best life to live.