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Top 5 Lawn Killing Pests to Watch For

Along with all the fun in the sun, summer comes with some unique challenges for homeowners. Lawn care tops the list of many homeowner struggles, especially for those who live in dry states. 

However, dead grass isn’t always caused by the blazing sun and a lack of water. If you’re watering your lawn religiously and dead patches are still popping up, you might have a pest problem on your hands. This article will list the X top lawn killing pests you should keep an eye out for this summer:

1. Ants

Ants don’t eat grass, but they can build mounds on your lawn that will kill the grass around it. Tunnels will compromise the roots of your lawn as well, causing damage before a large anthill is clearly visible. 

You’ll likely encounter ants running around sidewalks, driveways, and porches as well as your lawn. Applying someHarris Crawling Insect Killer should take care of them no matter where they’re found in as little as 48 hours. 

2. Beetle Larvae

A variety of beetle species start out as larvae, also known as grubs. These little worm-like creatures have voracious appetites, which include the roots of your lawn. Dead patches of grass will appear where these grubs have fed. 

There are lots of different beetles, each of which may have a different product recommended for their control. Some crawling insect killer should be a solid general solution until you can identify exactly what type of pest you’re dealing with. 

3. Wasps

There’s a type of wasp that can make its home in your lawn just like ants sometimes do. This is the cicada killer, known for its particular choice of prey. They can often be found burrowing near trees where cicadas can be found. Their digging and the activity of their spawn can cause some minor lawn damage. 

While female cicada killers can sting, they’re not typically aggressive toward humans. You can usually snuff out one of their nests by drenching it with water. This will force them to move somewhere else, hopefully off of your property. 

4. Leafhoppers

Leafhoppers are those small, triangular-shaped insects that almost look like blades of grass themselves. Individually they pose no threat, but enough of them can wreak havoc on your lawn as they feed on the grass. 

You’ll find large gatherings of leafhoppers where there’s a lot of available food. Gardens and farms are targets due to their crops. These small insects can be difficult to target, so consider installing something like a birdbath to lure in some natural pest control solutions. 

5. Slugs

Don’t be fooled by their slow movement, slugs can cause considerable damage to your property if you leave them unchecked. They love tender and decaying plants, which means new grass seed will be in danger if a slug finds its way to it. 

You’ve probably heard that salt is a slug’s worst enemy, butdiatomaceous earth will work even better. This specialized earth will keep plants healthy and deter pests from your flowers and garden at the same time. 

A green lawn is a happy lawn. Keep yours good enough for every barbeque by staying on top of pests.