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Top Five Roach-Killing Products

Cockroaches may be small, but they sure are powerful. Not only are they incredible resilient creatures, but they also have the ability to make a grown man scream in terror just at the sight of their sleek brown bodies. Simply put, cockroaches are icky and tough to eliminate from your home.

The first line of defense against roaches is to keep your home and property as clean as possible. This will give them fewer places to eat and hang out. Of course, that won’t always stop them, so your next line of defense is some at-home pest control solutions. 

Luckily, PF Harris has a whole line of roach products that will protect your home year-round. Here are the top four options for your consideration:

1. Home Pest Control Roach Killer

Pest control sprays are the most common solution you’ll see because of how effective they work. Sprays can get into tight corners and in hard-to-reach spaces where pests like to hide. With a good supply in each purchase, you can continue to apply the spray as much as it is needed. 

The great thing aboutthis roach killer is that its effects are long-lasting. Even after a single application, cockroaches will be kept under control for weeks and even months at a time. You can set it and forget it for quite some time without any roach incidents of note.  

2. Famous Roach Tablets

Where sprays fall short,roach tablets can cover the distance. While a pest control spray often works on an exterior level, tablets are ingested and can do serious damage from the inside. The best part is that roaches like to take food back to their nests, so one tablet can take out an entire infestation on its own.

These tablets contain boric acid which is deadly to cockroaches. It also contains a lure that will attract them to the trap despite the poison it contains. There is no expiration date for the tablets, but they should be kept dry if possible. 

3. Roach Traps

If you don’t like the idea of using chemicals within your home, no matter how safe they are, then use aroach trap. There are no pesticides used with this product. All you need to do is slide the trap into a high-traffic roach area and hope they get stuck.

These traps are easy to set up and dispose of. They also make great detection devices to see how your roach problem is faring before or after a full treatment. 

4. Roach Powder with Lure

Another connoisseur of boric acid is thisroach powder. It’s like a combination of the tablet and the spray. It contains boric acid with a lure just like the tablets do to promote ingestion. However, the puffer bottle makes the application reach much further than a single tablet. 

The reason the powder is at the bottom of the list is that it’s the most difficult to get situated. Tablets can be easily put into drawers or behind cupboards without making much of a mess. Sprays are invisible once dried, while powder can linger longer than one might like. 

5. Roach Killing Gel 

Lastly, a roach killing gel is an easy to use solution for killing a large variety of roaches in a variety of settings both indoor and out. The gel can easily be used indoors in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and more as well as outdoors along windows and walls and other areas. Gel roach killers also provide long lasting protection. 

Say goodbye to roaches for good with this awesome line-up of home pest control products. Be sure to check out any other solutions you might need for the host of pests that may enter your home.