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Harris Rat Snap Trap (6-Pack)

  • High Quality Reliable Construction
  • Quick and Easy Trapping
  • Easy to Bait and Set
  • No Chemicals Involved
  • 6 Traps with Baiting Instructions Included
  • Weight: N/A      Dimensions:  N/A

Harris classic style wooden traps offer reliable construction, quick and easy trapping, and is a very cost-effective way to rid your home of mice and rats. Instruction Steps: 1) Pull back spring loop until locking rod engages. Insert locking rod inside locking rod housing. Set to the left "F" for "Firm" setting , to the right "S" for "Sensitive" setting. 2) Lift bait pedal to 45 degree angle and simultaneously ease pressure off spring loop until locking rod engages. 3) Place the baited, armed trap where evidence of rodent activity is noticed. Place against wall for best results.