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Harris Catch and Release Humane Animal and Rodent Cage Trap for Mice, Rats, Chipmunks, Small Squirrels, and Voles

  • Easy to Set - Simply set the hook and place the bait on the hanging bar and wait for rodents to find it
  • Reusable - Simply catch and release and re-bait the trap for ongoing use
  • Highly Durable - Uses strong steel springs and think plastic to ensure that rodents stay trapped once caught
  • Versatile - Catches mice and large rats or other small rodents such as chipmunks or even small squirrels
  • Contains Air Holes - Ventilation holes in the trap ensure that rodents do not suffocate in hot weather after being trapped

The Harris Live Catch Rodent trap for mice, rats, chipmunks and small squirrels is an excellent way to trap and release rodents in a clean and efficient manner. Air holes ensure that rodents do not suffocate in times of high heat. It's simple to use - just set the hook and place bait on the bar inside the trap to begin catching rodents. The durability of the trap ensures that you can use it again and again.