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Asian Lady Beetles

Widely known as the "ladybug," Asian lady beetles look similar to other ladybird beetles that occur on backyard flowers and shrubs, coming in a variety of colors. This species of Asian Beetles has the habit of gathering around houses in large numbers in fall. They form in large aggregations on the sunny side of the house in late afternoon.

During summer, Asian lady beetles live on plants and feed on aphids and other garden pests, mostly affecting flowers and shrubs. In fall, the individuals from the plants around the house and from nearby areas come together to spend the winter in a protected location. The result of this behavior can be small or large gatherings of these beetles in one place, often inside houses and other covered areas.

The first signs of a potential problem are Asian lady beetles resting on the south and west facing side of the house in fall. These few individuals may be just the start and have the potential to be joined by many others in the following days or weeks. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about these beetles causing damage or laying eggs in your home.

How to Eliminate Asian Lady Beetles

Eliminating the beetles once they are indoors can be done with a combination of aerosol sprays and sticky traps. Our Harris Lady Beetle Killer is the perfect solution. The Asian lady beetle will often come to windows during the day, and can be treated with an aerosol and captured in traps at this location. It is just that easy to get rid of Asian Lady Beetles.

How to Prevent Asian Lady Beetles

Preventing large aggregations begins with spraying insecticides, such as Harris Lady Beetle Killer, on the house siding where the beetles start to gather. This may encourage them to leave. Re-application of the liquid insecticide may be necessary because the residual activity will be reduced with exposure to the sun. Treating around the doors and windows may help to keep them from coming indoors along these routes. Applying insecticide directly to the beetles will be the most effective method of control.