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Black Label Bed Bug Kit

Bed bugs can take over your life – take control today!

These unwelcome pests create a problem for millions of Americans every year and can quickly turn into an infestation if not treated correctly. Anyone can get bed bugs, and now anyone can get rid of them with the Harris Bed Bug Kit. This powerful, easy-to-use system contains everything you need to get rid of bed bugs, even ones that are resistant to other treatments.

How do I know if I have Bed Bugs?

Many people believe that bed bugs are too small to be seen- this is not the case. While bed bugs are usually found in a bed, they can be found around the bedroom and even into the living room. Bed bugs spend the day in harborages close to a bed, couch or chair that people sit in for long periods. They will come out at night and crawl to a bed or chair to get a blood meal. To check your bed for activity, look along the underside of the seams of the mattress. In most cases, if you have bed bugs you will notice dark colored fecal matter in this area as can be seen below: mattressbugs2

This Kit Contains:

Pyrethroid Resistant Bed Bug Killer 128oz Spray
128oz EGG KILL & RESISTANT Bed Bug Killer Regular Price $64.99 This odorless, non-staining formula kills bed bugs in areas where they hide.
16oz EGG KILL & RESISTANT Bed Bug Spray Regular Price $14.99 The aerosol spray is EPA approved for use on luggage and kills eggs on both furniture and luggage.
4oz Harris Bed Bug Resistant Powder Regular Price $10.99 The effective, long-lasting bed bug powder kills the toughest, high-resistant bed bugs where they hide.
4pk Bed bug traps Regular Price $6.99 Harris Bed Bug Traps are pesticide-free and help you detect bed bugs in your home. Used for both residential and commercial use.
Sample pack Harris Bite Relief Gel Receive instant relief from itching and pain from bed bug bites with our non-greasy relief gel.
Brochure with tips to treat & prevent bed bugs Learn step-by-step directions on how to use your Harris Bed Bug Kit effectively to remove bed bugs.
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