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Scorpions are recognized by the two large pincers extended in front of their head and the stinger at the end of the long tail. The body color ranges from light brown to almost black.

Scorpions live singly in outdoor habitats where they are predators of insects and some small animals. They are active at night and remain in a shaded harborage during the day. They will move to the perimeter of houses with local seasonal variations, or when temperatures drop and the foundation provides warmth. From the perimeter of the house they can move indoors.

When scorpions move indoors, they usually remain hidden in undisturbed location. And sometimes they can be inside for long periods of time before they are detected. Scorpions are often found in kitchens and bathrooms because of the favorable humidity. They often remain close to their point of entry into the house.

A UV light (blacklight) can be used to find scorpions indoors. Attempt to locate them at night and direct the light under objects and in corners. Scorpions will be seen as bluish-green color.

[accordion clicktoclose=true][accordion-item title="How to Eliminate Scorpions"]A liquid insecticide is the best method of eliminating scorpions indoors. Spray areas where you have seen scorpions. A direct spray will kill them but it may take a little time for them to die. Sticky traps can be used to detect and trap scorpions indoors. Place the traps in corners, under furniture, and along baseboards. Use many traps, and then move them if nothing is captured in a week.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title="How to Prevent Scorpions"]Preventing scorpions from entering houses begins with removing or reducing the ground cover around the perimeter of the house. Objects such as rocks and other objects that can provide harborage for scorpions should be moved. Seal the crevices around doors and windows (some species can climb walls). Spraying liquid insecticides around the perimeter, especially into and under objects may be helpful in removing scorpions already close to the house.[/accordion-item][/accordion]