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So What Are Silverfish?

These are small, grey and flattened insects that are tapered toward the back with three long tails. They are often seen in bathrooms and in kitchen cabinets. They can, however, occur in almost any room of the house and prefer dark, damp areas such as attics or inside drawers. The silverfish in houses are rarely found outdoors; these insects are primarily restricted to indoors. They are brought into houses in boxes, packages from grocery stores, newspapers and magazines, or in second-hand furniture. They are sometimes in clothes and will damage silk and cotton cloth. [accordion clicktoclose=true][accordion-item title="How to Eliminate Silverfish"]Eliminating silverfish can be done with boric acid tablets or boric acid powder. Spraying along and behind baseboards with a liquid insecticide is also effective. Silverfish move randomly, so traps may not be successful.  Checkout Our Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Silverfish.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title="How to Prevent Silverfish"]Silverfish feed on carbohydrates, including starches and sugars. They are attracted to paper and damp clothing. Preventing silverfish being introduced into a house is difficult because they can enter from so many sources. Make sure to remove any old cardboard boxes laying around and vacuum regularly to pick up food crumbs.  Checkout Our How to Prevent Silverfish InfoGraphic[/accordion-item][/accordion]