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Termites that have fed on the slow-acting Harris Termite Powder treated wood can accumulate the active ingredient and still move among other individuals in the colony. The transfer of food from workers to nymphs, soldiers and reproductives will also transfer Harris Termite Powder. Affected individuals also exhibit behavioral changes, becoming sluggish, stop feeding and start to die. Others in the colony will avoid these individuals and areas where they have died. Treated wood is not the first choice for feeding, therefore Harris Termite Powder treated wood is not preferred by foraging termites.

[accordion clicktoclose=true][accordion-item title="How to Eliminate Termites"]Harris Termite Powder solution can be sprayed on bare wood and/or injected into insect holes, cracks, walls and ceiling voids. A garden tank sprayer, brush, or roller works best for crawl spaces, attics, subflooring, decks, fences logs and new construction.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title="How to Prevent Termites"]Harris Termite Powder can be used as a preventive treatment on existing structures and for pre-treatment in new construction.

The crystal clear, non-staining, odorless solution is easy to mix and handle. It can be safely used inside and outside homes. Always follow label directions.

Note, problems which may have led to infestation or that may do so in the future must be corrected. This includes correcting moisture leaks, providing adequate ventilation, moisture barriers, and removal of debris from crawl spaces.[/accordion-item][/accordion]