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Build a Rainy Day Fortress Against Pests

The rain is starting to pick up now that it’s springtime, and that means more pests for you to deal with. Heavy rains will push insects and bugs out of their homes, where they will move into your own house for safety. 

To stop your home from becoming a shelter for pests, act like your house is a castle they’re trying to infiltrate. Build up these fortifications and those little invaders will be left on the outside looking in:

Close the Gates

Pests will find any and all entrances to try and breach your outer wall. Your first job is to find them before they do and close them off. 

Start by looking at your doorways. Is there enough space for some soggy ants to crawl under to get out of the rain? A draft stopper will keep them out without affecting the mobility of your door. 

Be on the lookout for other possible entryways such as cracks in the walls, torn window screens, and garage space. Make long-term repairs rather than applying bandaid solutions that will need to be addressed again soon. 

Swap Out the Torches

On rainy days you’ll need more artificial light than normal. Unfortunately, the light you shine is a beacon for invasive pests looking for a place to spend a night or more. 

Swap out your exterior lights for bulbs with a yellow hue. They’ll give you the light you need without attracting as many bugs. If you’re getting insects attracted to your windows by interior lights, grab some curtains to keep the light to yourself. 

Knock Back the Ladders

When you can’t break through the wall, you climb over it. Pests accomplish this by using plants and trees growing close to your home as ladders to find out-of-reach entrances. 

Regularly trim the greenery around your home to take away these natural ladders pests will use to access your home. This makes it harder for them to break in, and keeps your foliage looking nice and tidy.

Lock Away Goods

What do pests want besides protection from the rain? The promise of free food. The alluring scent of dirty dishes, garbage, or unswept table scraps will lead pests to your house instead of the neighbors. 

Stay on top of your dirty dishes and sweep regularly, especially after meals. Don’t let your garbage get out of hand and make sure any food storage you have is kept in a dry space and locked up tight. 

Strengthen Your Barriers

Some good old-fashioned insect killer will strengthen your barriers more than anything else. It will act as both your first and your last line of defense against pests. 

Harris’Crawling Insect Killer is effective against all sorts of pests, giving you a strong border against almost any invader. Even better, you can use this product both indoors and outdoors for double the protection. The powder can be applied in hard to reach spaces such as under the fridge where you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.

You won’t wish a rainy day away as quickly when pests aren’t part of the equation. Don’t wait for the clouds to come before you start building up your pest-free fortress. Visit the PF Harris website and arm yourself with all the materials you need to keep pests at bay.