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Back-to-school Pests to Watch Out For

We’re sad to see summer come to an end. Luckily, the start of school is an exciting time for kids to continue their learning and for parents who are hoping for a few extra hours of peace and quiet. 


Unfortunately, pests don’t care much about when school starts. They’re more concerned about what they can do to spread at the expense of human comfort and sanitation. Large groups of kids in small classrooms and play groups is a great way for certain pests to spread quickly.


These are the top three back-to-school pests you need to watch out for this upcoming fall:


It seems like lice only seem to travel through crowded classrooms. While some schools will be careful about spacing with the delta variant of Covid-19 floating about, you can leave it to kids to still find a way to pass things around. 


The only real way to make sure your kids aren’t bringing home lice is to stop them from sharing things like hats and bicycle helmets. However, even with proper instruction you can never be too share what your kids are doing when they’re not at home. Consider giving their hair a weekly check to see if an infestation is in its early stages so you can start proper treatment.


The midwest has had quite the battle with ticks this year. These small pests can be a big concern when they carry Lyme disease through their bites. Since they’re so small, they’re tough to identify before they’ve filled themselves up with the blood of their victims. 


Kids are most likely to pick up a tick while playing outside during lunch hour or recess. Ticks like to hide in long grass where animals or humans will walk by and brush up against them. 


When your kids get home from school in a region that ticks frequent, so a quick tick check before they walk in the door. The sooner you can spot and remove a tick, the less likely your children are to get sick from it. 

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs travel in a similar fashion to ticks, although they’re a pest in their own unique way. The little critters will hop from surface to surface until they find a place to make their home. This usually ends up being the folds and crevices of a mattress, hence the name these pests have been given. 


Learn to spot the signs of bed bugs. They’ll leave blood stains, excrement, and shed their skin that will all leave a reddish-brown coloring on mattresses and sheets. If you think you’re seeing the signs of a bed bug infestation, call a professional right away so you can get them eradicated immediately. 


Whether it’s lice, ticks, or bed bugs, PF Harris has you covered. We have sprays forbed bugs and lice as well as forticks and even fleas. Start taking preventative measures with our lineup of products and get rid of pests as soon as they make an appearance.