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5 Ways to Keep Mosquitos at Bay

Warmer temperatures mean camping trips, outdoor sports, and more time to spend in the yard. However, it also means plenty of pests are ready to come out and play as well. One of which is the ever-annoying mosquito.

Not only are mosquito bites painful and irritating, these insects can carry anumber of foul diseases that you wouldn’t want to contract such as Zika and the West Nile virus. Keeping these bugs at bay will allow you to enjoy every bit of Spring and Summer without worry.

  1. Remove Puddles and Pools

Standing water is where mosquitos like to lay their eggs. If you have any stagnant water on your property, it will likely become a mosquito breeding ground. This includes anything as small as a birdbath or a feeding bowl that’s been left outside in the rain.

Run a sweep of your property and remove any puddles and pools you find. The fewer places there are to reproduce, the fewer mosquitos you’ll have to deal with. For larger bodies of water such as ponds and lakes, you might need an expert to look at your property and take measures to protect you from biting insects. 

  1. Light Some Incense

Incense sticks with certain aromas and chemicals can keep mosquitos away from your immediate surroundings. They can help with outdoor activities such as a patio lunch, giving you some peace of mind while you enjoy the outdoors. Incense works best at a stand-still, so carrying one around with you won’t have that same effect.

For you campers out there, an old-fashioned campfire works the same way. The smoke from a fire will keep all sorts of insects away, so keep one burning while at your campsite. When you turn in for the night, you’ll have to try something else to keep the mosquitos off of you, as leaving a campfire overnight is exactly what Smokey the Bear doesn’t want you to do. 

  1. Try a Natural Remedy

If you prefer natural solutions over chemical-based products you’re in luck. There are tons of natural remedies that can ward off mosquitos to a degree. A quick internet search will come up with dozens of options you can try to enjoy your Spring and Summer mosquito-free.

For starters, certain essential oils and concoctions such as crushed garlic emit smells that insects aren’t fans of. Additionally, some plants such as lavender and catnip give off odors that mosquitoes would rather avoid. The right combination of these solutions can have your home free of mosquitos in no time. 

  1. Wear the Right Clothing

If you’re really worried about mosquitos you can’t go wrong with a long-sleeve shirt and pants. The less skin you have exposed, the less likely you are to get bit. While some mosquitos are resilient and will bite through fabric for a meal, your odds are still much higher when you’re protected. 

The color of your outfit will help as well. Lighter colors such as white and yellow are better at repelling heat, therefore repelling insects as well. Darker clothing traps in more heat giving you a larger heat signature for mosquitos to hone in on. 

  1. Spray Away

When all else fails, mosquito repellent spray has proven to be a fantastic solution for keeping insects away during outdoor activities. A quick once-over is all it takes to protect your body from bites and stings for several hours at a time. When combined with other methods it becomes even more effective at pushing mosquitos away for good. 

In addition to spraying yourself, PH Harris’Swamp Gator Mosquito Fogger can be sprayed on plants and surfaces to remove the presence of mosquitos from your property. This spray actually kills insects and can even be used indoors if you like to keep the windows open during a nice sunny day.

Don’t let mosquitos ruin the best time of the year! Take the necessary precautions and you won’t have to worry about this little pest ruining your enjoyment.