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How To Kill Cockroaches

Nobody wants cockroaches in their home, but trying to get rid of them can be overwhelming. With a little knowledge and the right cockroach pest control products, you canget rid of the roaches for good. Here are the steps to kill cockroaches fast.


Find the Roach Nests

Roaches like to congregate in areas known asnests. These hiding places are usually in dark, moist places like inside kitchen cupboards and drawers, under sinks, in closets, in pantries, behind appliances, under furniture, and in bathrooms and laundry rooms. Using a flashlight, search these areas and any cracks and crevices where roaches might be living. If you are still uncertain where the roaches are hiding, try placing roach traps around your home. Monitor them and search near the ones that catch the most roaches. Another simple technique is to turn on the light in a dark room and watch where the roaches scurry to. Start in the kitchen as this is usually where roaches start, using a flashlight you will want to look for roaches behind and under refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, sinks and cabinets. They can be found inside the backs of refrigerators, where motors are located and even in and around the dishwasher areas. Cockroaches require dark, moist areas so start your inspection in these areas listed. Don't forget to inspect the bathrooms. Areas around the plumbing penetrations around the toilet, tub / shower, and sink. Under picture frames, and medicine cabinets. Check inside the bathroom cabinets and behind the sink area. Around and inside bath trap areas, even linen closets should be inspected for adult roaches, eggs, and feces.

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Identify the Species

Once you find the roach nest, it is helpful to know what kind of roaches you are dealing with. While knowing the exact species isn’t necessary, it is beneficial to know if you are dealing with large or small roaches. This will help you determine the best products to use to get rid of them.

Small roaches

German roaches are the most common roaches in homes. They are small roaches, approximately ½ an inch long. These roaches multiply quickly and can be identified by the two dark stripes running down their pronotum. Another species of small roach is the brown-banded cockroach. Small roaches consistently live and breed inside homes. Baits typically work best for these smaller roaches.

Large roaches

There are many species of large roaches that can cause problems in homes, but regardless of the species, treating them is basically the same,. Large roaches usually live outside and enter home in search of food or water or during times of extreme weather. Although they can breed indoors, it is much less common than with the smaller roaches. The American cockroach is the most common among the larger roaches, but Oriental, smokybrown, and wood roaches are also considered household pests. Since large roaches usually enter homes from the outside rather than breeding indoors, sealing entry points and using liquid insecticides are helpful when dealing with these species.

Use the Best Roach Killers

So you might ask yourself what kills roaches instantly? There are contact roach spray insecticides that can be used to spray directly on roaches that you are seeing, but this is not the best solution for getting rid of them for good. Remember there are many more of these bugs that you are not seeing, so using the product recommendations below you can control the roaches you are seeing and the ones hiding in the cracks, crevices and wall void.

4 Highly Effective Products that Kill Cockroaches


Cockroach baits are arguably the best way to kill roaches in homes. Baits come in gels, powders, and stations. Baits are excellent because a roach will eat the poison and return to the nest before dying. The other roaches will eat roach poop and dead roaches, thus spreading the poison throughout the population. So, although they are not contact killers, baits can quickly reduce the numbers throughout the home. Typically you can see a reduction in active roaches as soon as 4 days. You will want to identify the areas that have the most activity of adults, feces, or egg casings. Placing the roach bait in the areas commonly occupied by these pest will get you the most success in killing them quickly.


Dusts and powders are another excellent option for getting rid of roaches. Boric acid, silica, and diatomaceous earth are common dusts that are used. They are very beneficial because they can be placed in hard to access locations and can last a long time if they remain dry.Harris Famous Roach Tablets are a great way to kill roaches. They are boric acid tablets that can last for years.

Liquid or Aerosol Insecticides

Liquid or aerosol insecticides are also quite effective. These contact killers can be found for indoor and outdoor use. They can be sprayed on baseboards, in closets, under sinks, and around entry points. Liquid insecticides are particularly effective against larger roaches because they can stop the roaches before they enter homes. For roaches already in the home, you can use liquids and aerosols in conjunction with roach traps and baits.


Bug bombs, or foggers, are another roach killer that can be used indoors and will kill roaches instantly. Foggers work by releasing a pesticide into the air that kills insects that it comes in contact with. Foggers are typically not recommended because they do not penetrate all the cracks and crevices where cockroaches live. Foggers work well if the home or office is empty and has open areas that the fog can penetrate. Because foggers can take down populations quickly, you can then come back and apply the other products for long term roach control. Baits and other forms of control are generally more effective and less dangerous. If you decide to use a fogger, pay special attention to the label directions so that you use them safely. With a full line of cockroach products available, PF Harris is your go-to source forDIY home pest control. Save valuable time and money by handling roaches and other pests on your own. As America’s oldest EPA registered pest control brand, you can trust Harris to get the job done right.