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Pest Control Tips During a Drought

Several regions of the United States are facing varying degrees of drought. The lack of water is difficult for farmers, homeowners, and conservationists. It’s also made life difficult for many of the pests that frequent your yard.

Pests need water just as much as humans do. In times of drought, they’ll be driven from their usual drinking holes to new locations, including inside of your home. Here are a few tips to keep them on the outside looking in:

Close the Gap

When the outside world is dry and arid, pests will try to get into your home if it appears to be more promising. That’s as good of a reason as any to keep your windows and doors shut as often as possible. Leaving them open for a spell can lead to more bugs than usual as they look for a place to hydrate and keep out of the heat.

This is also a good time to scan your home for cracks and crevices that could lead to forced entry. Ants in particular will be scouting your property for moisture and can use even the tiniest cracks in your foundation to make their way inside. Seal these entryways up as soon as possible.

Also be sure to check the wiring of your house where holes might not be sealed off entirely. Leave no corner of your property unsearched, because pests will be diligent when looking for a way in. 

Take Out the Trash

Garbage tends to develop moisture as trash and waste decompose and accumulate. There are few things a pest in a drought will find more appetizing. If you don’t want to set up a smelly trail for pests to follow, take out your trash more regularly than normal. 

Another solution is to keep all of your garbage outside in sealed bins. This will keep curious insects outside of your home at least and out of your trash for the most part. Keeping bins sealed will also discourage rodents and other critters from snooping around and getting comfortable. 

Care for Your Lawn

Let’s face it; we’d all prefer pests to stay in the yard rather than inside our homes. While the best alternative is to have no pests at all, putting some extra effort into your lawn at least will provide a home for pests outside of where you sleep. 

Additionally, decaying plants might attract even more pests to your property. Many of them like to feed on weak roots or dying leaves. A dead yard or garden is also tough on the eyes, and the property owner in you would like to see a well-watered and fertilized yard over the dusty alternative. 

Build Up Your Frontline Defense

If you know the drought is pushing pests into your home, use this knowledge to your advantage. You can set a number of traps or apply some sprays to your property that will kill any pests that try to step foot into your sanctuary.

For example, someant killer spray can be applied to those cracks and crevices that aren’t yet sealed off. This will boost your frontline defense as you work on a more permanent solution. Spiders and centipedes are also common house guests, uninvited ones to be clear, and there are solutions for these pests and more when you shop with PF Harris.

A temporary drought is just another trial to overcome. Don’t let pests make it any more insufferable by taking action today to keep them at bay.