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Why Crickets Can Be Considered a Pest

The sound of crickets chirping at dusk can be calm and relaxing. These nocturnal insects provide a backdrop to nature that creates a picturesque scene, even if you can’t see them. Crickets are also harmless to humans, preventing no health threat to adults or children.

With all that being said, why are crickets considered a pest? Believe it or not, crickets can be a nuisance to your property despite the wonderful sounds they make. Knowing the signs of crickets will let you know immediately when they become a problem for your property.

Outdoor Damage

Gardeners beware; crickets can be just as much of a problem as any other critter you already have on your hit list. There are certainly worse pests to have around, but enough cricket feeding can damage your crops and yard and ruin your hard work just the same.

While they often focus on plant debris for their meals, crickets sometimes target young shoots of recently planted vegetables and flowers. Enough damage to these young, fragile plants and they will be lost. Some crickets will root around your lawn, creating patches of dead grass that won’t impress the neighbors. 

Indoor Damage

Crickets will find their way into your home during cold weather or when allured by food. They are also attracted to front doors by bright exterior lights, which can lead them to the crevices they need to make an entrance. Particularly moist areas such as crawl spaces and attics are their favorite.

There are few things in your home a cricket won’t get into in search of food. Crickets are known to damage all kinds of fabric and fibers from wool and silk to carpet and even furs. Anything with a hint of food specks or perspiration can become their next meal. 

Removing Crickets

If crickets are taking over your property one chirp at a time, start removing the places where they like to hide. They like to hang out among weeds and tall grass where they won’t be spotted and love to burrow in debris, woodpiles, or garbage dumps. Take these locations away and they’ll bounce away to the next best location.

For extensive cricket problems, or those that get inside your home, try aHarris Cricket Trap. All-natural and pesticide-free, these traps will attract and trap crickets on your property as well as other creepy-crawlies such as spiders and cockroaches. Traps are easily disposed of and cricket problems can be dealt with quickly and effectively. 

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