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Weevils in the Pantry and How to Get Rid of Them

A weevil is a type of beetle and one of the pests that may invade your home even in the winter. Weevils are actually a type of beetle. They are easily distinguished by their long, tapered snouts. This sort of turns them into a teardrop shape or something resembling a lightbulb or pear.

When it comes to pests, weevils are considered to be more of a nuisance than a threat. However, the types of weevils you will likely have to deal with will go after the food in your pantry. A weevil infestation can cost you a lot of money if you end up having to throw a lot of things out. 

If you think you have a weevil problem, we’ll help you work through it. Here’s what you need to do:

Clean Out the Pantry

The most common types of weevil infestations are flour weevils and rice weevils. They get their names from their favorite snacks and hiding places; flour and rice respectively. These weevils are incredibly small, but they’ll stand out compared to the white coloring of the food they’re poaching from you.

Weevils in your pantry are a good sign that you need to do some deep cleaning. Clear out your shelves so that you can wipe them down and remove and food crumbs that have accumulated there over time. Throw away any contaminated food and run a vacuum over any surfaces that might contain some stray dust or pests. 

With your pantry cleared out, this is a good opportunity to check for any cracks or crevices that might be highways for invading pests. Get these closed up as soon as possible to reduce the risk of a future infestation. 

Freeze Them Out

If you have any food items that seem salvageable, throw them in the freezer for a spell. This will kill any weevil larvae that you may have overlooked during your pantry investigation. 

You may have to keep food items in the freezer for several days in order to completely eradicate a weevil infestation. However, if this means you get to salvage a good portion of your pantry, it’s well worth the wait. 

Deter Them With Natural Repellents

There are a few natural repellents you can set up to push weevils away and prevent them from making a return. For example, a few cloves of garlic in the pantry can ward off potential invaders just by the smell alone. Bay leaves are another example of natural repellents that can be used to keep weevils away from your pantry.

In a perfect world, pests would respond to natural repellents. Unfortunately, a couple of well-placed cloves of garlic might not be enough in some cases. To really ensure that your pantry is pest-free, apply some pest control spray. Just make sure you’re using a product that can be safely used indoors and remove any food items before spraying. 

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