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Do I Need to Worry About Pest Control in the Winter?

Now that the thermostat is starting to sit below 50 degrees Fahrenheit almost every morning, you’ve probably noticed a distinct lack of bugs in your area. Insects just simply don’t like the cold, so you’re less likely to see or be bothered by many species during this time of year.

Before you start to rejoice, your pest control habits shouldn’t hibernate through the winter. There are still some precautions you should be taking during this off-season to ensure you really get to enjoy a pest-free winter:

Know What to Expect

While you might not have to deal with mosquitos and gnats during this time of year, there are other pests you should keep an eye on. Spiders and rodents in particular can be bothersome at the turn of the year as they make themselves comfortable in the confines of your home. Since you’ll probably be spending more time indoors during the winter, now is the time to make preparations before you’re stuck in the house with some unwanted guests. 

There are other pests that will pop up in your home throughout the winter depending on where you live. A colony of ants might have moved into the basement in preparation for the cold or you might uncover some more cockroaches than usual. 

Take Precautionary Measures

Before winter really sets it, take some precautionary measures to ensure that the holiday season isn’t interrupted by an infestation. This shouldn’t take a lot of time, but many people overlook pest control in the winter because they don’t expect pests to become a problem. Even if that’s true, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

For example, setting up a fewrodent traps will only take a few minutes. However, those traps can stop a rodent problem in its tracks that could easily get out of hand. Many traps can even be left in their places long after winter is over, offering extended protection of your home and family. 

Keep an Eye on Things

Now that you’re aware that pests can still be bothersome in the winter, keep an eye out for any signs of pests in your home. Telltale signs of pests can easily be overlooked if you’re not keeping pests in mind. The sooner you spot a potential pest problem, the sooner you can take care of it. 

If you notice a draft in your home letting in a cold breeze, your first thought is probably to get it fixed so that your heating unit isn’t running around the clock. In addition to that thought, go ahead and check to see if this is a potential entryway for pests. Look for signs of traffic and maybe use some traps andsprays to catch anything trying to use the passageway after it has been sealed up. 

There’s no need to stress too much about winter pests, but staying on top of pest control year-round will eliminate a lot of potential headaches. If you want to up your pest-control game this winter, head on over to PF Harris to get geared up for every possible home invasion that could occur.