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How to Keep Deer Off Your Property

Hunting season is in full swing, but deer aren’t typically considered pests. That being said, why would we be talking about deer as a pest control company?

The reality is that deer are often pest-worthy beasts that can decimate your garden and tear up your property if left unchecked. It’s important to know that you don’t need to get a hunting permit to keep deer away from your property. This article will outline some of the ways you can protect your plants and lawn from trespassing deer:

Grow a Variety of Plants

If you’re only focused on growing delicious crops, that’s the only target deer will have. They’ll be lured directly to your most valuable plants that you’ve worked so hard to grow. It will be well worth your time to grow a wider variety of plants to deter them.

For example, planting a few thorny or prickly bushes around the perimeter of your garden will cause deer to second-guess themselves before treading onto your property. These bushes will make garden access more difficult.

There are other plants such as aromatic flowers that will push deer away rather than draw them in. Not only do strong smells keep deer at bay, but they will also mask the more pleasant smells given off by your fruits and vegetables. 

Obstruct Their View

If deer can’t see into your yard where the delectable garden items are, they’re less likely to venture in and explore. Deer increase their survivability by being cautious of the unknown which protects them from ambushes from predators. Even if there are tempting smells, many deer will think twice before trying to invade.

For next year’s garden, plant your crop strategically to where passing deer can’t easily peer in. You can do this by planting close to your house, planting a hedge, or installing a fence. This also makes your garden more difficult to access if any deer get brave enough to investigate.

Use Scare Tactics

Because of their cautious behavior, deer are easily spooked. Adding an object such as a scarecrow or a statue may be enough to keep curious deer at arm’s length from your produce. Use their fear of the unknown to your advantage.

You can get really creative with this. Have you considered setting up a smart doorbell on a nearby fence post? Not only will the camera be set off by nearby motion, you can even speak through the device to scare away any deer you do see. 

Sound is another good tactic you can use. A portable radio or a string of tin cans can make enough noise to spook passing deer enough to keep them walking. 

With deer left on the outside looking in, you’ll have one less pest to worry about as you tend to your garden. Check out PF Harris for morepest control tips as well as somehelpful products to help your garden be the envy of the animal kingdom.