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Why Dragonflies Aren’t Considered Pests

Dragonflies are incredible creatures. Built like model airplanes, these insects have incredible control in the air and can fly at breathtaking speeds. Their massive eyes and sparkling wings make them quite a sight to behold.

Unlike most insect varieties, dragonflies are not considered pests. Have you ever stopped to wonder why? Here we will break down why dragonflies are a good sign and nothing to be worried about:

Helping, Not Hurting

The diet of a dragonfly does not consist of any of the plants in your garden. Your flowers and vegetables will remain untouched. Instead, dragonflies will prey on the pests that are actual threats to your garden.

In particular, dragonflies like to feed on mosquitoes. While this doesn’t benefit your garden directly, it will remove a lot of headaches from your property. Nobody enjoys getting bitten by mosquitos, so dragonflies will be a welcome sight.

Harmless Creatures

A dragonfly is not going to hurt you. They’re very passive creatures, worrying more about zipping around in search of food than meddling in the affairs of man. You have nothing to worry about when a dragonfly is nearby.

Dragonflies can bite when provoked, but will usually just fly away when bothered or when they feel endangered. If one does bite you, it probably won’t even break the skin. The worse you’ll feel is a painful pinch, which you might have deserved in the first place. 

Good Luck

While this certainly can’t be proven scientifically, dragonflies are considered good luck omens in many cultures. In Japan and Native American culture, for example, dragonflies are symbols of good fortune, change, and purity. Those are happy thoughts to have if you spot one flying around your yard.

There are cultures that think the opposite about dragonflies. There are ancient tales of dragonflies being considered evil omens as opposed to ones of good fortune. This is where the reminder that dragonflies are just cool bugs is important. 

Pest Control

Dragonflies are very neat creatures and you should welcome them to your property. However, it’s important to remember that dragonflies on their own are not a reliable form of pest control.Using a spray from PF Harris will protect your home from the inside out, getting the pests that dragonflies and other predators aren’t able to get.

Even still, you can take some measures to entice some dragonflies to your property. These insects like the water, so a garden pond or fountain is a great way to start. Just be sure to treat the water regularly so that it doesn’t become a mosquito breeding ground that even a swarm of dragonflies can’t control. 

The next time you see a dragonfly pass by, maybe you’ll stop and appreciate it a little more. This is one bug that you can definitely stand having around. It sure beats the other insects that it removes from the equation.