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Harris Window Fly Trap (12 Pack)

  • No Mess, Easy to Set and Remove
  • Home and Family Safe, No Pesticides Used
  • Applies Directly to the Window to Trap Flies where they Gather Most
  • 12 Traps Included in Each Package
  • Discreet Appearance for Use in Any Room
  • Weight: .1 lbs      Dimensions:  9 x 4 x 0.1

Harris Window Fly Traps are intended to trap and stop houseflies without the use on insecticides. Use in indoor areas where these flying insects are present such as around garbage containers or inside barns. Flies attracted to the heat and light from windows will land on these traps and get stuck to the glue. The discreet appearance and ease of use makes these traps ideal for controlling flies in any room of your house. Directions for Use: First, remove the thin protective strip on the back of the trap. Second, place the trap on window or other flat surface. Finally, peel off wide protective strip from the front of the product to expose large glue surface area that will trap flies.