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Harris roach traps are specially formulated lures that are irresistible to roaches and other insects. Simply place where insects are seen and throw away the trap after insects are caught. We recommend using these traps in combination with Harris roach tablets or Harris roach killer. A single roach or two is often a sign of an infestation. Attacking the problem using several different methods is the optimal course of action.

Quick Facts

  • Natural and pesticide free
  • Includes 2 traps per package
  • Discreet, slides easily under furniture and appliances
  • Clean and easy to use
  • For residential and commercial use
  • Used by professional exterminators

What are the best roach traps?

There are a few options for roach traps, we offer a high quality roach trap at PF Harris that includes a lure to attract them to the sticky trap. So you can place these roach traps under the oven, refrigerator, and when they are full toss them out. Roach Traps are really easy to use and work great for monitoring not only roaches, but other insects, such as spiders, silverfish, earwigs. Perfect for maybe a guest house, or cabin that you do not live in day in and day out.

Here are our 13 Steps to Cockroach Prevention From the PF Harris Experts:

  1. Eliminate food crumbs by sweeping and vacuuming frequently
  2. Don’t leave food out overnight
  3. Store excess food in the refrigerator or an air-tight container
  4. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink
  5. Take out the trash nightly
  6. Don’t leave your pet’s food and water out overnight
  7. Only eat in the kitchen and dining room Avoid leaving crumbs in other rooms.
  8. Wipe counters regularly and clean up spills
  9. Repair any leaky faucets or pipes
  10. Check basements and crawl spaces for moisture problems
  11. Declutter, eliminate those harborage areas.
  12. Seal the exterior of the house using caulk for small cracks or steel wool and expandable spray foam for larger holes and gaps
  13. Clean up grease around stove.
Following these steps will also help any type of baiting be more successful, since you are reducing other options for food and water.

Does Roach Bait Attract More Roaches?

No, roach bait does not attract more roaches, it will however attract the ones that are in your home to come out and eat something lethal. Then the great thing about roaches and roach bait, is that roaches will eat their own dead, so one ingestion can lead to multiple layers of mortality.

Are Roach Control Traps a Stand Alone Control Method?

We would not recommend using only roach traps to eliminate roaches in your home or apartment. ¬†It is a great option to help reduce populations and also for monitoring any invasion or increase and decrease in populations. ¬† Please checkout our recommend roach killer products here. ¬†You will find multiple options for bait, killer dusts, sprays, and aerosol sprays.