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Harris Angry Squirrel Bird Seed Hot Sauce (8oz)

  • Birds Love It - Birds will love the taste and will keep coming back for more
  • Squirrels Hate It - Suddenly the bird seed won't taste so good to the squirrels, leaving more to the birds
  • Works on All Types of Bird Feed - Seasons up to 35lb worth of bird seed
  • Contains Natural Ingredients - Uses food grade habanero liquid chili pepper
  • Ready to Use - No diluting required, simply mix with seed and watch the birds enjoy
  • Weight: .5 lbs      Dimensions:  7 x 3 x 1

Harris Angry Squirrel Bird Seed Hot Sauce attracts a variety of birds. Simply mix in with your favorite birdseed and distribute to feed areas and bird feeders. While most effective with shelled seeds and nuts, it works on all types of wild bird feed, seed and suet. Just remember to wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly after handling.