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Harris Bed Bug Kit III - Gold Value Kit

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  • The Ultimate Bed Bug Kit - The products below work extremely well in combination together to help you successfully rid your home of bed bug
  • 32oz Spray - Kills bed bugs in just 5 minutes and has a residual of up to 1 month (EPA No. 1021-2793-3)
  • Bed Bug Powder - Includes one 4oz bottle. Works by sucking moisture out of the bed bug's outer coating, leading to dehydration and death (FIFRA, EPA exempt)
  • Foaming Aerosol Spray - Unique foaming action works to kill bed bugs and eggs in just 5 minutes and penetrates deep into cracks and crevices (EPA No. 1021-2780-3)
  • Harris Gold Line - The Harris Gold lineup of bed bug products is the best that Harris has to offer in bed bug control
  • Weight: 12 lbs      Dimensions:  12 x 8 x 8

Harris Bed Bug Gold Kit includes 1 package of Bed Bug Traps (4 in pack) for early detection and ongoing monitoring, 1 gallon of 5 Minute Egg & Resistant Bed Bug Killer, One 16 oz. Aerosol of our 5 Minute Bed Bug Killer Foaming Spray and One 8 oz. Resistant Bed Bug Powder to reach deep into cracks and crevices and provide long lasting residual performance.