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Swift Melt Calcium Chloride Snow and Ice Melter, 15lb

  • Works in Extreme Cold - Melts in temperatures down to -25 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Works Quickly - Penetrates ice up to 3x faster than other leading materials
  • Releases Heat - Swift Melt round pellets generate heat to speed up melting
  • More Sustainable - Less impactful to surfaces and vegetation than other leading types of ice melter
  • Scoop Included - Scoop inside bucket included for easy application on snow and ice

Harris Swift Melt delivers higher melt volume capacity than other leading types of ice melters. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: It is recommended to wear protective gloves and eyewear. For best results, apply before or soon after snowfall begins, to prevent excessive ice buildup. If snow is deeper than 2 inches, plow or shovel surface before applying product. Use the included scoop and sprinkle evenly on hard surfaces impacted by ice, snow or frost. Remove melted ice, snow and slush after melting has occurred. Reapply as needed. Be aware of slip hazards!