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Roach & Ant Aerosol

Harris Roach & Ant Killer Aerosol features a water-based, odorless formula that kills roaches after the spray dries thoroughly. Keeps killing German cockroaches for up to one year. Non-staining and odorless. (Contains cypermethrin as active ingredient.)


  • Apply spray in small amounts directly into cracks and crevices.
  • EPA approved in all 50 states
  • Kills German cockroaches for up to 10 months
  • Water-based, odorless formula
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When to Use an Aerosol to Control Roaches?

Ideally you will want to use an aerosol Spray to control roaches in your home when you first see them. This could be if you see adults, egg cases or feces.  Our Roach Killer Aerosol offers a very long residual, which means it keeps working long after it dries. Roaches come in contact with the treated areas and can then transfer the roach killer back to other roaches in the wall voids.

What Other Roach Control Products Should I Use?

Although, you will achieve good success with our roach killer aerosol, we would recommend a few other low cost, ready to use products.  Our Famous Harris Roach Tablets, used as a bait, in locations where you are seeing roaches, egg casing, and feces. This way you have an added layer of control, by offering them a food source.  Also, our Harris Roach Traps with lure, work to help keep an eye on your success. You can use them from the start to help capture and reduce the population or wait till your inspection after initial treatment to then monitor any increases or reintroduction of cockroaches.

How Quickly does it the Roach Aerosol Start to Work?

The Harris Roach Killer Aerosol will start to work as soon as the aerosol dries, it is intended to allow roaches to come in contact with the treated surface and then take the cypermethrin back to their harborage areas where it can be transferred to other roaches.  It does continue to kill even after the initial cockroach is dead because of the fact that roaches eat their own dead. So even if you do not see dead roaches all over the kitchen or bathroom, it does not mean that the Harris Roach Killer Aerosol is not working.  You will want to concentrate on a reduction of living roaches in open areas as a sign of success. Reduction usually occurs within a couple of days.   We also recommend using our Famous Harris Roach Control Tablets in combination with Harris Roach Killer Aerosol.  The reason is simple, when you use a spray, the roaches have to come in contact with the residual product, adding a bait / lure / attractants will help control the roaches that are foraging for food.

How large of an area does one can of the Roach Killer Aerosol Cover?

This is a hard question to answer because it is not applied in a broadcast application, and only in crack and crevices, along baseboards and spot treatments.  Most 16 ounce cans can treat a kitchen, bathroom, and utility room at least on time. We would recommend if the infestation is high, that you consider a retreatment in about 10 to 14 days.  So purchasing double the estimated amount will help keep you on track.

What is an Aerosol Spray?

Aerosol Sprays are  usually a insecticide or green product that has be shown to be very successful in a liquid formulation.  The technology is then applied into a pressurized spray applicator. It helps to make application of a proven product easier and in a ready to use formulation. They also tend to dry quicker and make spot treatments, or crack and crevice treatments more precise. The Harris Experts will always recommend you add an aerosol to your pest control solution.  Especially if you are trying to kill roaches, ants, or bed bugs.