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Harris Potted Plant Insect Traps for Gnats, Aphids, Whiteflies and More (2-Pack, 60 Traps, 14 Stakes)

  • Traps Gnats, Aphids, Whiteflies & Many More Insects
  • Two pack contains 60 Traps and 14 Stakes
  • Dark Green Stakes Blend Well into Potted Plants
  • Easy to Set Up Set Up
  • Pesticide Free

Harris Potted Plant Insect Traps kill a wide variety of insects that attack indoor plants. The traps kill gnats, whiteflies, aphids and many others, without using insecticides. Do not use traps in wet areas. In case of accidental contact with adhesive, use baby oil or cooking oil for cleanup. Dispose of when traps are full or after 3 months.

These traps are easy to use, contain no insecticides and are very attractive to flying insects that invade our potted indoor plants. You will simple need to remove the plastic backing that keeps the glue surface covered and fold the trap. Attach to the stake using the holders, will continue trapping for up to 3 months. Change traps if the surface become full of insects.